Here Ye...Here Ye

V is For Vandal

Silent Bill I used to be a vandal

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Trans European Adventures

I went on another little adventure to Paris. It was well weird,  they had different money than us and they all spoke foreign there!!!

Silent Bill  - Paris Sex Bomb

Silent Bills Drunken Funhouse

Being in The Secret Society of Super Villain Artists Opens Doors

SSOSVA membership card

The all new SSOSVA membership card which is also a very handy lock picking kit for when you lock yourself out!
They are only £5 (Free P&P),  so email me at  if you would like to purchase one.

SSOSVA Hardcore

Silent Bill SSOSVA

Proof that only the hardcore are allowed in The Secret Society of Super Villain Artists. Check out the tattoo on The Black Tartan Division member Wolf.

Not content with just having a badge, Wolf told us that badges are for wimps and infact getting this wasn't painful enough so he paid 2 UFC fighters to punch him in the face whilst this tattoo was being done. This was still nae bother for Wolf.

This has truly inspired me to get one now. I also want to get a tattoo of myself on my entire body, only 5" taller.


What Everyone Wants

Silent Bill I predict a riot

Im so humble

Of all my many skills, awesome abilities and virtues, I think that by far the greatest is my humility.

Communication Breakdown.

People walk past people within the street not saying hello to each other yet they are on each others facebook pages!!

Silent Bill Communication Breakdown

Free Condoms

Silentbills Free Condoms

The joke of these being nailed to a board was lost on some people, exactly the people condoms were invented for.

Interview with a Vampire Vandal

Silent Bill Interview

I was interviewed for Open Magazine who deemed me coherent enough to warrant a feature!

If you would like to read the interview and who wouldnt then click HERE and I will try my best to entertain you.

If you are a magazine (especially Playboy),  website,   fanzine,  blog etc and wish to feature my work or interview I kinda like getting on my soap box so email me at

Bankruptcy of England

Silent Bills Bankruptcy of England

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